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Renters Insurance in Sherman TX

Residents of the greater Texoma region should be able to receive all of their personal insurance services from an agency that is committed to their satisfaction, and that they can rely on to help them out following any number of challenging incidents. Diamond Insurance Group of Sherman is the place to come if you want the satisfaction of knowing that you have the perfect coverage in place when you walk out our doors.

We provide quality renters insurance options to customers throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and we’re more than happy to help you get quality coverage at affordable rates, and with no hassle.

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More About Renters Insurance

How Does Renters Insurance Work?

Renting a home does not mean you don’t need insurance. After all, numerous hazards might occur on your property, such as:
- Fires, smoke damage, explosions or lightening strikes
- Vandalism or theft
- Severe weather
- Burst pipes
- Property damage or injury lawsuits

Even though you might not own the home you live in, you still own the possessions inside, and your security is essential regardless of who owns the actual dwelling. 

At Diamond Insurance Group, we know that you’ve most likely invested a lot of time and money in your personal property, and it’s up to you to take care of it. Having a renters Insurance policy can pay for the cost of replacing your belongings if they are damaged due to a covered accident, so that you won’t have to face significant financial challenges on your own.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Most renters policies hold three types of coverage:

Possessions Insurance

This covers your belongings in your home in case they sustain unexpected damage. Your plan can pay you to repair or replace these items. Covered items might include:
- Furniture 
- Appliances
- Clothing
- Household furnishings
- Personal items

Liability Insurance

Someone might blame you for causing them harm or damaging their property. Even if the accident was a mistake, you might have a legal responsibility to repay that person. Liability coverage helps you do so and covers your legal expenses when lawsuits arise.

Costs covered by your plan might include:
- Bodily injury costs
- Property damage of others, including property damage done to the rental home
- Legal fees of both you and the party who sues you for damage

Loss of Use Insurance

After a problem in your rental unit, you might have to temporarily move out. In this situation, you can use loss of use coverage to pay excess living expenses that arise. These might include hotel bills, dining bills and other essential costs. The plan won’t pay for these benefits indefinitely, however.

To further customize your benefits, you can invest in expanded coverage such as:
- Scheduled personal property endorsements
- High-value items coverage
- Umbrella liability insurance
- Pet liability insurance 
- Replacement cost contents insurance

Is Renters Insurance Required?

Landlords often require tenants to buy renters liability insurance. However, regardless of any requirement, you should still invest in this coverage. Roommates should be insured separately.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Most renters insurance policies are very affordable, and usually cost less than a homeowners policy. However, your individual premium will vary depending on several factors, including the types and amounts of coverage you buy. Still, you can qualify for numerous discounts just by working with one of our agents, so let us help you find the best way to save.

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