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As the population of the Texoma region continues to experience a massive population boom, there are many new business opportunities opening up every day. Whether you are a new business owner, or have a long-established reputation in the local economy, you need the benefits of a strong commercial insurance package. The expert agents at Diamond Insurance Group will be there to guide you through every step of the process of getting those benefits.

Commercial insurance is a myriad of different policies, and you should not have to worry about going on your search for perfect coverage alone. Let us help you, and you can walk away safe in the knowledge that your insurance needs have been met.

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Common Business Insurance Questions

What Is Business Insurance?

You spent a lot of time and effort building your business, ironing out operations and working to turn a profit. Still, it only takes one disaster to wipe out everything into which you have invested so much time and effort. The fact of the matter is that you cannot avoid every potential challenge that might arise in your line of work. However, as long as you have tailored business insurance options in place, you will be able to respond to the incident, repair the damage and emerge from the problem on a much more secure financial footing.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Business insurance is not one policy. You will need several policies to adequately cover all aspects of your operation. The most essential to carry include:

  • Property Insurance: If something damages physical property – such as your building or possessions - then this coverage can help you repair or replace them.

  • General Liability Insurance: This covers the business in the event it causes property damage or bodily injuries to another party, like a client or vendor.

  • Business Interruption Insurance: This helps you pay the bills if you must temporarily close after a damaging accident.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: When the company owns vehicles, this coverage will provide the requisite physical damage, liability and other benefits to help the company afford the costs of wrecks or other vehicle hazards.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance: If an employee gets hurt on the job, they are often eligible for workers compensation coverage. It will supply supplementary income during their recovery.

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance: Professional advice or mistakes could cause clients a financial loss. This coverage can compensate them on behalf of the business.

  • Surety Bonds: If you are contractually bound to certain clients, then bonds will guarantee them that you will repay them if you cannot meet your obligations.

Of course, there are many other policies available designed to protect you against specific risks and liabilities. These include:

  • Inland Marine Insurance

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

  • Products/Completed Operations Liability Insurance

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability Coverage

Our job is to help you design the policy portfolio that is perfect for you, not for someone else. We will help you choose benefits that will guarantee you perfected protection against any number of challenges.

What Business Insurance Is Best for Me?

All businesses are unique, so you must tailor your commercial insurance portfolio appropriately. Keep the following in mind:

  • Certain benefits are required by law, though various factors will influence the exact coverage that is mandatory for you. Commonly required coverage includes commercial auto, general liability, workers compensation and surety bonds.

  • All businesses need optimized coverage limits, deductibles and endorsements on their policies to effectively maximize their benefits.

If you are a small business owner who is looking for the best way to start your business insurance portfolio, then consider investing in a business owners policy (BOP). These are packages of coverage that offer essential benefits—usually property, general liability and business interruption—in one place. However, you can expand your plan in the best ways to offer you perfected coverage.

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